Hello, my name is Ondrej (Andre) Papanek

I am Andre, a journalist for 5 years and IT professional for the last 8 years.        

My passion is to share stories with all the people in the world. I want to explore new places and new adventures to gain great ideas and inspirations. The things that I will share on this site are the best places to visit around the world. I will also share videos about technology, travelling and blogs.

Travelling around the world is my greatest dream. For me, it is one of the greatest experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I want to share the reasons why I want to travel around the world. First of all, I want to discover the rich culture and history of every country. This is also an opportunity to explore new things including the different languages, lifestyles as well as values. I want also to see the beauty of nature and appreciate God’s creation.

I am a person who really loves to discover new things and through this, I was able to meet new people and new friends. It gives me also the chance to know every person’s viewpoints and their differences. I also found travelling as an energy booster because it provides me with an escape from stress and worries and helps me to start things with a peaceful and refreshing mind and soul.

I decided to make this site for me to express to all of you the amazing articles and videos that will help you realize how thankful to be in a world full of wonders and beauty.

As I grow up, I realize how important life is that’s why as much as possible I really find time to travel together with my family and friends. For me, a journey is something that is magical. You will realize that life has a purpose and it is a wonderful gift. I love travelling because of the beautiful memories that it brings.

Travels and adventures make me more active and independent. If there is one advice that I would like to share with my readers today, it would be to travel and experience true fun and excitement. Travelling is truly wonderful and amazing.

Personally, I really love to read books and watch videos which consist of travels and adventures. That is why I created this site because I want to share the things I really love the most. I want to share inspiring videos and articles that you will surely love. I want to share everything in this site including the benefits of travelling

My goal is to provide the viewers with an interesting and honest journal detailing all my thoughts, all my travels, all the fun and exciting moments that happen to me as I travel around the world.

Get to know more about me and enjoy reading articles and latest videos that I will share on this site. Have fun and enjoy everything here on my website.